Capsule Customization

Our scientists are familiar with the complexities of capsule, tablet, and softgel manufacturing. They also understand the importance of brand maintenance, which is why they’ll offer you a choice of product colors, shapes, and sizes. You’ll be offered quality products which ensure the brand consistency your company depends on.

To ensure quality and consistency, all our capsules run through the same de-dusting measures, polishing process, and stainless-steel equipment. You will choose from size #00 to #1 and our manufacturing methods will provide quality fills for gelatin, vegetarian, flavored, and extra-long capsules.

Our tablet compression process offers the same quality and consistency. We can employee both B and D tool specifications and provide coating services allow for your brand’s specifications, including color, enteric, sugar, clear, and traditional coatings, in a 150-400 kg coating machine.


Developing and producing health supplementation products is what we do best, and we’ll provide the best possible quality assurance.

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