Product Formulation

If our hundreds of proven stock products don’t fit your needs, our laboratory’s customized product services will. We can manufacture products according to your company’s needs and requirements, honoring all confidentiality agreements to keep your product unique to your company. The vitamins, supplements, nutraceuticals we deliver will be the key to your company’s success.

The products your searching for may be as basic as a single-nutrient formula, or as complicated as a multiple-ingredient mixture. Regardless of the complexity of your order, we will comply with cGMP methodologies and develop your product with our team of expert chemists, researchers, and pharmacists to ensure product efficiency. Our scientists will advise your company during the selection of nutrients, nutrient absorption, and delivery system methods including capsules, gels, tablets, liquids, chewables, powders, and more.


Product formulation is a meticulous science which requires quality control checks periodically through the process. We can take the stress off your company and save you some money by producing and checking these products in our own labs. Our laboratories will guarantee preservation, nutrient purity, and the potency of the active ingredients used.

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